Monday, April 22, 2013

The Map Makers Guild

I just started playing Upiyo, a boy mage with a powerful patron. I wanted to try a one college caster and picked the movement college.  The kid has Magery 3 and one spell at level 25. I had also made him a minor (12yo), young and skilled. So I figured he needs a dang good teacher. I  tried to think what kind of patron would train someone so young and then lose him on the world. I had given the patron the advantage of "Unusual reach in time and space." a +100% add and made them pretty powerful. Balanced out the cost with low appearance (6 or less) and a low intervention. and a duty to the same patron with also low appearance.

I needed a powerful group that would have a need for the movement school, had access to places in time and that space most folks do not, taught magic, and allowed its members a good deal of independence.

I used GURPS city Stats as a guide, but lots of stuff needed adjusting.

I think I have a good start on this, at least it would be useable at this point... I think. Feel free to chime in with anything you may think I missed or did in a dumb way.

The Map Makers Guild

Headquarters: Tredroy (For Banestorm use) or campaign major city.
Members: 3,000-3500 (Search -1)
Located: In cities 1000+ population (70%)
TL: 3 ( 0-11)
Wealth: Multi Multimillionaire 2 (10,000 X TL 3 starting wealth, $300,000,000 assets, and $7,000,000 a month income)
Status: 1 to 5
CR: 3
Corruption: -1
Military Resources: $140,000 (Military Budget Factor 2%)
Defense Bonus: +5

Members: Spell casters (30% ) and non-spell casters (70%). Any race is welcome as long as they contribute to the overall quest.

TL: Sometimes Guild Mages will poke a hole in time while looking for a new way to get from here to there. Gizmos and other things that fall through can end up being studied and used.

Religions: Patron gods of Knowledge and travel are most common.

Objective: To Mape the whole of reality

Secrecy:  Low; Knowledge is power, and it is all for sale at the right price. The guild will provide any map they have to anyone but the more obscure the higher the price.

The Academy: A full 70% of the guilds income goes to maintaining the Academy of Cartography

Military Elements: The guild maintains 6 defensive / rescue military Elements.

Element                 TS       Class                WT     Mob          Raise     Maintain   TL
Battle Mages           5  Art, C3I, F, Recon      1       Foot          200K     40K          0
Flying Mages          5  Air, Art, C3I, F, Rec   1       Foot, SA    600K     60K          1
Heavy Infantry(X4)   4          –                      1       Foot           40K        8K          2