Monday, April 15, 2013

Is this wisdom?

Two game sessions, one practice battle, three PCs, one turned NPC. Already I am getting that GM itch. But this is GURPS, not my old D&D. I don't have the years of training in my brain with the right function and flow of combat. I don't know the spells inside and out. I'm still fumbling for rules like a rookie with a new Pokemon deck.

In our last (my second) game session We had a nice contained battle on a ship. I watched in amazement as our dual wielding fighter calls out his attack: All out attack, rapid strike, vitals, the first weapon -9, the second weapon -10, (no, not the real numbers), roll.. hit, parry roll, roll ..hit, no perry.

A horde of goblins is swarming over the sides of the ship, our GM and the experienced players are smoothly calling out each action and each movement. Goblins are bleeding out, wounded,  falling down, dodging rocks and attacking. Spells are cast, information requested, and players distracting. That is a lot to keep on top of. The GM does what GMs have always done, he makes it work.

All this combat is just part of the GMs labors. Our party has bought a small fleet of ships and is responsible to the Queen for taxes from a region they are running. Background functions including regional economic factors will influence a lot of that role play. And we players, just when our GM has had time to work up some nice juicy backstory plot we up and change PCs on him.

Sure, I'm wanting to start that GURPS Supers game, or maybe the SG-1 spinoff idea I had. But for now I think I better just keep being a player for a while longer. The hard work of a GM can wait until I get my brain working a little more in the native GURPS way.

I think this may be Wisdom.