Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Knocking my head on knock-back

I haven't played a lot of GURPS for over 20 years. PD was big back then. One of the things that I liked, it had knock-back. One other game I played, Champions, had it also. If you have ever played Champions you know the level of complexity involved in creation and combat. GURPS has a good level of complexity but a lot less so then Champions. Thus I liked to play GURPS more then Champions.

Knock-back is a blast in a GURPS supers game. You get to watch your buddy get thumped with a hotdog cart and go crashing through a building and then another.. and.. another. I think the GM was making a point. But after that I remember thinking I need to make a PC with knock-back protection. Never did get around to it.

So here I am, today, thinking about knock-back again after watching the party's donkey launch a poor orc 8 yards into a tree. Dead orc, or more like jelly orc.

You folks may know Gobo. He is a Gnome with a bad temper and a daddy who was an earth elemental. He likes to get in close and mix it up. knock-back could cramp his style. I want to rework him with some kind of knock-back protection. Should be easy I think.

Hmmm.. nope, no knock-back protection advantage in any book I checked yet. Gravity control power maybe? Sorry no. Binding maybe, but, baneful effects. Root spells, does not say and again, baneful effects. Movement powers..body control, nothing says those magic words, "Works on knock-back"

New approach, knock-back is based off ST. I need a way to trigger, on knock-back damage, an increase in my ST for the one second I need to calculate knock-back. So I'm off to see of I can coax GCA into letting me do this. I don't hold out much hope and see a possible few buildings coming my way.