Saturday, June 1, 2013

WorldGate Command, A History

What follows is the foundation for my upcoming GURPS campaign.

Yes, It looks a lot like Stargate SG-1, but it's different, please don't sue me big mega entertainment people, it is called flattery.

The Beginning

In 1979 Dr. David Ban Rson, while on a dig in central America, discovered a 4 yard x 4 yard, bright red glass like object. It had thousands of finely etched lines in it's smooth surface that formed a frame at the edge where the glass was thickest. There the object was less then an inch thick and tapering to atomic level thinness at the center, yet no tool or force has scratched it.  (DR >1000)

The object was eventually claimed by the US military and housed in a secure location for testing.

Contact and Awareness

On April 1, 1984, while running a sonic activation experiment, the object, glowed brightly and  a young woman stepped out of it, or rather, floated out.  Her name was Holly Webber, and she changed everything.  It was discovered that she was a traveler from a place both like and unlike home. She had been fleeing an attack and had activated a gate with a bolt of energy from her mind. She had hoped to shatter what she thought was a wall. Once through it, she found she had evaded her perusers.

Holly was a scientist, and our first, and still to date, our most powerful Psi. With her help we found out that the object, when given very high levels of energy, formed a gateway to alternate earths and times. Targeting in the early days was haphazard at best. The chances of contacting any given location or time ( later renamed as "Quantum") were so poor it made travel a potentially one way trip. 

Holly did one other thing, when anyone with latent Psi, those previously thought to be mediums and frauds, met her, they activated into full blown Psi users. All variants of Psi began to manifest with carefully controlled access to Holly.

Growth and Founding 

Soon Holly's newly awakened Psis were being trained and integrated into the military command, some volunteering to travel to the few worlds we could, more or less, repeatedly connect to. These brave souls were the foundation of Worldgate Command. Three to five person teams risked being lost forever to explore the worlds. On these early journeys three key allies were made:

The league of Danger

A group of costumed, extraordinary men and women, with powers most Psi users can not block or dampen. Their world is in a time period roughly equal to 1930's earth prime. World war rages and nations are falling. A great evil is marching across their world, and its agents are everywhere. They keep the gate on their world safe, and control information and access to it. It was through our understanding of travel from their world we discovered "Diode" worlds.

The Conquistador Empire of North America.

The Spanish won the new world and now control that worlds strange power source. A mineral that brings machines some to life, mindless and ready to be controlled by their creators. It also powers and helps construct other remarkable inventions. Supernatural forces are active, and a war also rages across the southron part of North America. This world is roughly equal to earth prime in the mid 1800's but with some technology appearing much more advanced.

The Guild of Map Makers

This group of medieval beings provides access to a world of magic and wonder we have yet to understand. Dragons and elves walk this world and some few of our team have discovered they can master the power used to do wonderful things, but only on some worlds. The magic just will not work on worlds without some level of magic active. and is very constrained on others.

Control and expansion

The discovery that extremely precise, closely measured, and carefully controlled power levels, delivered by a mix of  energy type, while varying the delivery process (pulse, constant, varying, etc.), allowed for 90% target repeatability and relatively safe gate passage. Some worlds were discovered to be easy to open a gate and travel to, but for a few worlds the trip back was nearly impossible, requiring extremely high levels of energy to open the gate for a  trip in the other direction. 

For years now teams have explored different quantums. Supported by team members from allied worlds, WorldGate command soldiers, and Holly's Psi force. Holly and WorldGate command have advanced knowledge, saved lives, explored, and searched. Holly has only ever asked, that in exchange for everything she did, we search for her home and aid them once we found it.

New discoveries and challenges have forced WorldGate Command to expand all divisions. Recruiters and scouts have been out looking on all allied worlds. A new wave trainees will be going active soon.