Friday, May 24, 2013

Help me steal this campaign plot.

Mark Knight recently posted a very good blog post on interactive campaign creation. I want to try the idea on a bigger scale as I ramp up my GURPS campaign.

For my new game I want to run a  "Many Worlds" kind of game and I and using a lot of the ideas in the GURPS  Infinite Worlds book.  I don't like how basically everyone knows about world jumping and how it is a portable machine that they jump with. So I am stealing from one of my favorite TV shows and creating "World Gate Command" and my team of elite world jumpers, WG-1.

World Gate Command is located on a TL 8 world much like ours.  The world gate is this large( 4 yards x 4 yards) square bit of suspected alien tech that has been used in secret for several years. In those years World Gate Command has made 3 major allies on new earths. Those 3 worlds need histories as I plan on using them as optional places for the players to come from.

If this sounds like something you might like to get involved with, well here is your chance. First check out Mark's post, then come back and add to the story at Google+ in the comments.

I already have a lot of the main world flushed out so I can focus the experiment on the 3 allied worlds. I need one Steam Punk world, one Superhero world, and one Fantasy world. There is a posable Fantasy world I will be using already. So let's start with the Steam Punk world. I grabbed Mark's starting template and would like to work from there. I would like a bet of help getting started, as you can see the template has a few holes in it.
  1. World: Steam Punk world
  2. Reality Concept: In the spirit of stealing stuff to make life easer, I want to make this kind of like Deadlands. A TL 5(7) world with some supernatural themes and old west style Steam Punk. 
  3. The Origin of the World: TBD.
  4. Origin Form:TBD
  5. Origin Connections: Steam Punk world is accessible from our earth via quantum level 2 (easy) travel. And the return trip is also quantum level 2 (easy).
  6. Origin Relations:N/A
  7. Omnessence or Magical Realities: I want this world to have low mana but a lot of supernatural influence. the rest is TBD
  8. Magic Availability: Magic is ritual and few can master it.
  9. Who do you want the players to control in the Interactive History: Players from this world would have been recruited by World Gate Command or somehow accidentally traveled worlds.
Looks like my world needs an origin myth. Where do we start?